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What are the considerations for selecting seals?

Sealing system usually includes piston seal (hole seal) and piston rod seal (shaft seal). The key to determine the sealing performance and service life is to choose the right sealing parts and form the right sealing system. The following factors should be considered in the selection of seals:

1. Working pressure: high pressure, low pressure, with or without hydraulic impact, with or without pressure maintaining requirements.

2. Workplace: indoor or outdoor, with or without dust, thermal radiation and chemical pollution.

3. Working temperature: ambient temperature, temperature rise, cooling system.

4. Speed: speed. Very high speed will produce lubrication problems, low speed will produce problems such as crawling.

5. Installation conditions: if the installation conditions are good or bad, the seal should be installed without tools or with low technical requirements for installation workers.

6. Stroke length and frequency: short stroke and high frequency will cause lubrication problems of the seal. Long stroke has special requirements for the concentricity of machined parts and the eccentricity resistance of seals.

7. Working hours: working hours, intermittent work, continuous work.

8. Working medium: select the sealing material compatible with the medium.

9. Hydraulic cylinder placement: horizontal placement, vertical placement and inclined placement. The influence of lateral force on the seal should be considered when the seal is placed horizontally or obliquely.

10. Lateral load: the lateral load has a great influence on the lip of the seal. With lateral load, guide ring must be added and seal with lateral force resistance must be selected.

11. Machining parts: material of machining parts, processing of fit tolerance, finish, hardness, chamfering and fillet of contact surface between parts and seals.

12. Installation: the sealing lip is the most important part of the seal, and it is soft and easy to damage. During installation, it is necessary to consider that the lip is not damaged, the seal is not twisted or pulled, and the seal will not be deformed forever.

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